Outdoor Weddings – Alice in Wonderland Wedding Theme

Are you a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland? Again this is the marriage affair for you!

The allurement you accept has a baby annular amphitheater on the back, it’s of aphotic dejected and has white printed on it, the words of advance say “Open Me” in nice clear script. Who wouldn’t accessible such a adorable little bulletin that’s addressed to you? When you accessible the envelope a actual fun, bright allurement is revealed. The marriage allurement is of blues, yellows, greens and pinks, all calm in gentle, amusing pastels. By the sounds of it, you accept been access to marriage and tea, so abrasion your best accoutrements with a burst of color.

The marriage date has arrive, it’s an alfresco marriage on a nice bounce day, getting captivated alfresco in the garden with all-inclusive amounts of flowers, abundant blooming grass, and baptize fountains. You chase the signs that say “This Way” and “That Way” to the breadth that the marriage is getting held. As you access you apprehension green, blue, pink, and chicken cardboard lanterns. The seats are basic, with little signs adage “Sit Here” or “Sit on Me” blind off from the side. This is absolutely a analytical wedding! Everything has an assessment on what it wants you to do.

Playing cards are advance everywhere, at accidental and even some added flowers from the garden that Alice stumbles upon. A little babe dressed in a ablaze dejected dress, with a little white bandage about her average and a chaplet skips down the aisle, bottomward flowers with every skip. Afore she is absolutely down the aisle, the bridesmaids and groomsmen alpha to airing down the alley as couples. The dresses of the bridesmaids are the aforementioned affable delicate colors as the invitation, except for one who accept to accept been the Maid of Honor, the men in tux with ties that bout the bridesmaid they are walking with. One of the groomsmen, the best man, appears to accept a rather ample hat- a academic Mad Hatter.

Finally the helpmate walks down the aisle, she’s beauteous in a fairytale dress with her hair done with flowers. The benedict is cutting a beauteous tailed tux, white button up shirt with a aphotic red vest, and a atramentous tie as he waits for his helpmate to arrive. They are absolutely the King and Queen of hearts, back the helpmate has a agglomeration of aphotic red roses and the benedict has a individual red rose affianced to his coat.

As the marriage commemoration ends, the affair is just starting. You, and the blow of the guests, are ushered to a altered allotment of the garden area there are tents and ball floors set up. A bandage is already arena on a mini-stage. The abode is covered with little bright lanterns and vases spilling with flowers. On the tables, which are covered by altered colors afterward the aforementioned arrangement as before, are Las Vegas Marriage Poker Abode Agenda Holders with a name on anniversary one. Two of a Kind Arena Agenda Favors are aswell on the tables, forth with tea cups that say “Drink Me” on a agenda and a agglomeration of cupcakes and accolade that say “Eat Me” on the platter. As the guests eat and drink, they apprehension Seed Marriage Favors ‘Love Grows’ beneath their cups- a admirable accession for the garden marriage and the absolute affair favor.

This is one tea affair that the absolute Mad Hatter will wish to go to! Everyone enjoys the games, food, drinks, and music until the night comes up- and even again those admirable black cardboard lanterns extend the affair away. Surely, this marriage is one that you will never overlook and for Alice in Wonderland fans, a marriage affair your guests will continued remember.